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Editing blog posts
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WordPress Information

This site covers all the basics of using WordPress in a very thorough and easy-to-understand way.

Editing blog Posts

Choose Posts: All Posts in the dashboard menu to see a list of all items.

Screen options

If you’re not seeing something referred to here, check your Screen Options to make sure the module is selected so that it displays.

Featured photo

Creates thumbnail for archives and homepage, as well as the large image that appears at the top of a blog post page


Change author

Add a new post

Choose Posts: Add New in the dashboard menu


Choose Posts: Categories in the dashboard menu

Media Library

Choose Media: Library in the dashboard menu

Choose Add new to add a new photo or file.


Do not edit any pages but Our Experts and the 2015 HM5K and its subpages

Choose Pages: All Pages in the dashboard menu to see a list of all items.

Pages have the same editing options as blogs. Refer to the Editing blog posts above.

We do not use Categories on pages.


Choose Events: Events in the dashboard menu to see list of all events.

Add event

Choose Events: Add Event in the dashboard menu to create a new event.


  • Can use styles, images, links as in a blog post

Date and time

You MUST fill out both starting and ending date and time
Use same date in both From and to date fields if it is a single-day event.


Use a specific address (race starting point, check-in point, wherever people are going first). App may offer auto-complete suggestions as you start typing.

Event Categories

  • Check the “featured” category to have the event appear on the homepage list.

Simple Links (homepage blogroll)

Choose Simple Links: All links in the dashboard menu to see list of all blogroll items.


Hiding rows for registration costs and dates

  • Check the checkbox to left of row
  • Click Selected rows: Hide below the table — this turns the selected row pink
  • Click Save Changes



Add new categories/items to menu dropdowns

  • main menu
  • footer menus