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Learn to cook healthy delicious dishes based on Mediterranean cuisine.

Eat Healthier with the Mediterranean Diet – Here’s How

The Mediterranean diet is one of the best eating patterns for your health – and it’s delicious! Based on the traditional eating habits of people in Italy, Greece, Spain, and other countries that border the Mediterranean Sea, the Mediterranean diet is much healthier than the traditional American diet.

When scientists studied people in these regions, they discovered that they had lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and other health issues. What makes eating Mediterranean-style so good for you?  This cuisine features lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, minimally processed whole grains, and nuts and seeds. Many traditional dishes are vegetarian or use small portions of seafood or lean meat.

As for fats, Mediterranean cuisine uses olive oil, which is a monounsaturated fat, in place of butter, reducing your intake of unhealthy saturated fats. In addition, the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine are derived from herbs, spices, and ingredients such as tomato sauce, making these recipes much lower in added salt.

Join us in the Thrive Kitchen as we put together a simple and delicious packable feast that explores the flavors and health benefits of this cuisine.

Our Menu:

  • Watermelon with leta and mint
  • Endive leaves with Harissa carrot yogurt
  • Falafel Salad
  • Hummus with crudités and pita bread
  • Freekeh and chickpea pilaf

Thrive Kitchen classes take place at Kaiser Permanente Mission Bay and are open to all. Fees are $30 for Kaiser Permanente members and $40 for non-members and include a hands-on cooking class, take-home recipes, nutrition discussion and the meal we’ll cook together.

Registration is now open; call (415) 833-3450 or email SFHealthEd@kp.org to secure your spot!

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Linda Shiue, MD, is a primary care doctor and professionally trained chef who believes that the best medicine is prevention, based upon a healthy lifestyle. As Director of Culinary Medicine at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco, she is developing a teaching kitchen to empower patients with a new set of skills and knowledge to improve their health and wellness--nutrition applied through cooking skills. Classes are offered through the Health Education Department at (415) 833-3450. In addition to seeing patients, Dr. Shiue offers cooking demonstrations and hands-on workshops in which students learn to prepare seasonal produce lavishly flavored with spices and fresh herbs. Her food writing has appeared in The Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, Remedy Quarterly, Salon, Culinate, and online editions of The New York Times and Smithsonian Magazine. She also has her own website, Spiceboxtravels.com.