November 1, 2021 - December 15, 2021—9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Wunderlich County Park, Woodside, CA

Join the 2021 Take a Hike Challenge, and choose from seven planned hiking routes through San Mateo County’s beautiful parks! This program, a partnership between Kaiser Permanente and the San Mateo County Parks Foundation, provides detailed guides for each hike including route maps, directions, and information on hours, parking, and other details. Each hiking route also includes a designated photo challenge spot where you can take a selfie or group photo and upload it to showcase your hike. Those who complete the entire #2021TakeaHikeChallenge will receive a reward!

Each of these hikes takes place in a different park, so you can discover all the natural beauty San Mateo County has to offer. Dog owners, note that some parks allow dogs on trails and others do not; check here to find dog-friendly options. There are also accessible alternative hikes with paved or gravel paths and less elevation change.

To submit your completed #TakeaHikeChallenge, fill out this form. Those who complete four hikes receive a hiking bag with a flashlight and reusable utensils. Those who complete all seven hikes receive an aluminum water bottle as well. Good luck and have fun!