One of the best ways to get walking is to join group walks and community walking events.

April Is Made for Walking

With spring on the horizon and the weather warming up, it’s a great time to get out and walk. And this month you’ll have plenty of company, with cities across the country organizing walking events and participating in Walk to Work Day. Walk to Work days are scheduled on different days in different places, but all share the aim of motivating as many people as possible to commute on foot for at least part of their journey to work.

This year, San Francisco’s Walk to Work Day is Wednesday, April 10th, and a host of activities are planned citywide, including walk hubs, where walkers can meet and pick up bags of treats and prizes. In preparation, many workplaces organize teams and walk groups and there’s even a Golden Millipede Award for the workplace that has the most employees participating in Walk to Work Day.

Walk to Work Day is partially organized by Walk San Francisco, which supports safe streets and plans other walking events such as monthly city walks. The next monthly Walk San Francisco walk is Saturday, April 6th, when walkers will trek from the Presidio to Ocean Beach.

Why Is Walking So Important?

Walking is the perfect exercise for countless reasons.

1) Walking Is Simple to Do. Just lace up the right shoes, step outside, and you’re there. You can even walk around your office building or the local mall if the weather outside isn’t ready to cooperate

2) Walking Boosts Your Mood.  Fresh air and endorphins make an unbeatable combination. One of the best ways to turn a frown upside down is to make tracks.

3) Walking Builds Endurance. Over time, you’ll find you can walk further and further without getting winded or noticing soreness.

4) Walking Improves Cardio. Walking improves  cardiovascular function, which translates to less huffing and puffing as you go about daily activities.

5) Walking Benefits Balance. By strengthening your legs and feet, walking providing a sturdier foundation to avoid falls and injuries.

Walking is great family exercise, too; try these tricks to get the family walking together. Make the most of Walk to Work Day and every other chance to walk. Grab a few colleagues and join the movement!


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