No matter what your needs, there's a style of bike that will work for you.

Biking Bliss: Explore Your Cycling Options with Bicycle Alternatives

Riding a bike is much more than transportation, it’s a great way to get fit fast while having fun. People of all ages and at almost any fitness level can get a workout on a bicycle. And it’s easy to get started; no gym membership required, and inexpensive bikes are easy to come by, both new and used.

If you’re not sure you’re cut out for traditional cycling or you’re ready to try something new, there are also many alternatives to the standard bike. 

Tandem Bikes: Made famous in the song “Bicycle Built for Two,” tandem bicycles are loads of fun, and a great way to practice riding if you’re building confidence. You and a partner combine forces to power the bike, letting each of you use a little less effort as you coordinate your pedaling. 

Recumbent Bikes: These include a seat that supports your back while your feet are in front of you. If you need back support, recumbent bikes might be right for you. 

Three Wheelers: Like a tricycle for adults, three-wheelers offer more balance and support if you’re dealing with an injury or your weight prevents you from comfortably riding a standard bike. 

Electric Bicycles: Electric assist bicycles are partially propelled by an electric motor, which can help you on uphill climbs or if you tire easily.

Hand Cycles: Hand cycles put the pedal power in the palm of your hands. They’re a great alternative if you’re trying to build upper-body strength or you have an injury that prevents you from riding a standard bike. 

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