7 Ways To Banish Back Pain
Good posture, stretching, and core-building all help to prevent and ease back pain.

7 Ways to Banish Back Pain

Does your back hurt? If so, you’re among the fifty percent of Americans who suffer some type of back pain every year. While not all back pain is preventable, there are many things you can do to prevent back pain and to ease it when it happens.

Here are a few back pain management strategies to try.

Strengthen Your Core: Pilates, stand-up paddling and other core building fitness activities can also do wonders for your back health. Or try these core-builders you can do at home.

Stand Tall: Good posture is among your strongest weapons against back pain. Aim to keep your head up and stomach pulled in. If you have to stand a lot at work, bring a stool for resting one foot at a time.

Exercise Regularly: Swimming, walking, and bicycling can enhance fitness without adding strain.

Sleep Comfortably: Find the mattress that best supports your back.

Sit Safely: Choose a chair with good lumbar support. Take breaks to stand, stretch, and move. Try these helpful ergonomic tips to continue sitting safely. Or better yet, get a standing desk.

Lift with Caution: Keep your back straight, head up, tighten your stomach muscles, and lift with your knees.

Use a Foam Roller: Physical therapists recommend foam rollers for stretching tired muscles and easing back pain.

When it comes to back pain, prevention is powerful medicine.


Melanie Haiken, Health and Fitness Expert

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