These pre-race tips from race team captain Jodi Thirtyacre will help everyone be a winner in the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon & 5K.

9-Week Training Plan to Run or Walk the Half Marathon

This starts with a long run of 4 miles. If this seems unrealistic, consider running the 5K instead or plan to do a Run-walk combination.

Run-walk suggestions
Start with a 1:1 ratio (1 minute run: 1 minute walk). As you feel more comfortable with running, you can increase the running time and decrease the walking time.

Tracking Mileage
The Kaiser Permanente free mobile app Everybody Walk as well as websites such as will give you the mileage of your routes.

Many smartphones have GPS capability as well, or you can drive the route in your car to find out.

Running pace suggestions
Short runs are often referred to as a “quality runs” and are used for working on things like speed and hills. Longer runs are for building endurance and should be taken at a comfortable pace. Many runners recommend running the first half of any long run, slower than the second half.

XT=cross training
Biking, elliptical machine, swimming, and light weights can all help to improve your conditioning while allowing recovery of the “running muscles”.

Week 1MTuWThFSaSuTotal
Week 2Rest3mXT3mXT or RestRest4m10
Week 3Rest3mXT3mXT or RestRest5m11
Week 4Rest3mXT3mXT or RestRest6m12
Week 5Rest3mXT3mXT or RestRest7m13
Week 6Rest3mXT3mXT or RestRest8m14
Week 7Rest3mXT3mXT or RestRest3m9
Week 8Rest3mXT3mXT or RestRest11m17
Week 9Rest3mXT3mXT or RestRest12m18
Week 10Rest3mXT3mXT or RestRestRACE19.1
Download the 9-Week Training Plan to Walk or Run the Half Marathon